Lahar Arts

Lahar Arts

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About the Artist

My name is Sara Davis, but I go by Chase, and I am the artist behind Lahar Arts. My specialty is acrylic on canvas and digital Abstract Expressionist paintings. The digital pieces are created from photos I capture of every day objects - from street lights to Brussels Sprouts. The paintings on canvas are often inspired by spiritual musings. The art of Jackson Pollock, as well as Willem de Kooning, inspired me to lay down my first canvas and paint some 14 years ago. I love the art form just as much now as I did then and I hope that passion is felt by the viewer. 

Abstract Expressionism conveys many concepts for me, the greatest of which is unity. The simple message I hope to convey through all my work is love - love for all humans, animals, and the Earth. As I observe how each color coalesces onto the canvas to become a unified whole, while maintaining its own unique beauty, I wish for the same unity among people. Abstract is the visual representation of our own existence - chaotic, vibrant, maddening yet so incredibly beautiful. 

The canvas is the earth, the colors are us as human beings, and the painting is our existence as a whole.